So, I have become a shameless podcast/audiobook junkie in 2020.

As a writer, it should be no surprise that I am a lover of stories and I am always trying to continue learning. However, I do not have nearly as much time as I would like to read. Podcasts and audiobooks have been playing nonstop for the past year while I’ve been working, running, cleaning, and just going about daily life.

I am always scouring Reddit, blogs, and websites for the latest podcast recommendations, but often the best ones I find are by accident and buried within the depths of Spotify.

I’ll definitely bring you my favorite Audiobooks in another posts, but for now, here are my favorite podcasts for 2020:

The Daily

I think we have all been inundated with way too much news over the past year. With that said, I like to stay informed on stories and know where I am getting my news from.

The Daily is hosted by journalists from The New York Times and covers some of the most important current events. If I’m having trouble understanding something that is going on or seeing a lot of discussion about a topic in the media, this is a place I can go and get a really clear description of what is going on in 20 minutes.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Have you ever been having an awful day and someone asks you how you are doing just to grit your teeth and say, “fine, thanks.” This podcast completely challenges that.

I was having a really difficult time after my brother and sister-and-law died within a month of each other in 2019 and was looking for some grief resources when I got sober and found this podcast.

The host knows grief all too well, she had a miscarriage, lost her husband, and father all within a few months of each other.

The podcast is funny, it’s sad, and so real. I can’t recommend it enough.

You Must Remember This

Host Karina Longworth tells the rich(and largely untold) history of Hollywood’s first century. She is an incredible narrator and the stories she tells about stars, scandals, and the film industry are so interesting.

Of course I find this particularly of interest living in L.A., being a lover of old Hollywood, and being a part of the arts, but I feel like a lot of people would be fascinated by the storytelling that this podcast offers.

Writing Excuses

Any creative person knows what it is like to get in a rut. Having a lack of inspiration and feeling like you are hitting a roadblock every time you go to start a project is incredibly demoralizing.

I don’t listen to this podcast religiously, but it is great brainfood when I need an extra boost or need a way to challenge my writing skills. Each episode is just 15 minutes and discusses topics that are relevant to any aspiring or established writer. Authors Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Daniel Wells host the show and leave writers with an exercise to hone their skills. It’s a great listen.

The Racist Sandwich Podcast

I’m a huge foodie and living in Los Angeles I am blessed to get to eat foods from all around the world, brought to this city by hundreds of cultures. This podcast hosts really interesting interviews with people of all different backgrounds and has given me some really interesting perspectives on the foods I love.

Old Gods of Appalachia

I have to be honest, this one surprised me, but WOW is it good. Old Gods of Appalachia is a horror anthology covered over several episodes that takes place in an alternate Appalachia countryside. Written and hosted by creators who grew up in the mysterious mountains the story takes place in, the story is eerie, captivating, and an incredible work of fiction.

Conspiracy Theories

I am not a conspiracy theorist, and neither are the hosts of this podcast. However, the topics on this podcast are worth the story.

Most stories are two episodes long and some do cover conspiracy theories that indeed turned out to be true. On the other hand, the hosts also discuss some of the more…outlandish theories(i.e. “hollow earth”). The stories are well researched and the hosts are super engaging. Highly recommend, even if you just tune in for a single episode!

Murder in Hollywoodland

If you love true crime, old Hollywood, or just really immersive stories—you will love this podcast. This was the first podcast I listened to by Wondery and it is still one of my favorites. Narrated by Tracy Pattin, this six episode series tells the story of the murder of director William Desmond Taylor…and it’s a real life “whodunnit” if there ever was one.

Let me know your favorites! I’m always listening so I’ll be back with more soon!

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